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Solutions covering all battery tasks

providing plenty of benefits that definitely improve reliability and reduce operating costs.

Active Battery management Suite

is the new reliability-boosting & cost reducing alternative to the existing manual battery maintenance procedures.

It is a seamless combination of …

The system in detail

Active BMS Equipment

The A-BMS Equipment

Cutting edge technology devices monitor continuously whatever is happening in every cell of the batteries and perform all the necessary maintenance and optimization tasks to preserve battery health and efficiency.

Advanced sophisticated algorithms are used for long-term battery cell analysis in complex cases of batteries performing continuous, non-relaxing cycles, carrying all the time large charge or discharge currents of several decades or hundreds of amps, where battery voltage and AH integration do not provide any meaningful information.

Inherent IoT connectivity is used to report all battery related and equipment activity data to the Central Server for further predictive analysis and management forecasts. Further battery tests can be performed remotely though this remote control path.

Remote monitoring & control can readily be extended to other third party equipment at the battery site (e.g. diesel generators, air conditioners, rectifiers etc.)

Active BMS Central Server

The Central Server

The Central Server is the link and the meeting point between batteries and Battery owners.
It eliminates practically any need to visit the battery sites for measurements and tests, since everything is performed remotely, except for physical replacements.

Our Remote Monitoring and Control Platform software run on this server and performs the following tasks:

  • Sends immediately alarm messages to the battery owners for defects requiring on site interventions.
  • Analyzes battery data predictively for upcoming cell defects and for battery ageing and end of life forecasts.
  • Updates on-site A-BMS equipment f/w and algorithms to the latest versions.
  • Provides any data and data-processing requested by the battery owners.
  • Provides to the battery owners remote access to the battery site equipment.
Active BMS User Interface

The User Interface

Battery Management Interface is the flexible and user friendly interface for the stuff of the Battery owner organization, accessing the central server.

Access is through web-clients, from PC’s, tablets and Smart-phones.

It provides the following functionalities:

  • Organization-site-level overview of real-time battery and equipment status
  • Site-level real-time and history battery status and BMS activity presentation.
  • Manual access to the BMS equipment
  • Alarms (real-time & history)
  • Data trend analysis for all battery and equipment parameters
  • Predictive reports for battery management
  • Battery management history
  • User management

Explore the benefits provided by the Active Battery Management systems

Battery Protection

Safeguarding battery health, on individual cell level, boosts system reliability and extends battery life

Battery Protection

Maintaining the operating conditions of all the individual cells within their safe operating area, by the active charge exchange system, protects the entire battery against the potential threats from early degradation and destruction and preserves its good health.

Battery health combined with the inherent proper balancing (cell equalization) guaranties for reliable operation within any power system.

Battery longevity

Precisely controlled battery operation, extends battery life even beyond the theoretical manufacturers specifications

Battery longevity

The A-bms Active battery management systems, increase the usual battery life by two or three times.

Batteries are still in use, after ten years and 30 thousand cycles, in our customer’s diesel-battery systems at off the grid mobile telephony installations.

Early fault prediction

Precise cell behavior analysis, detects upcoming cell faults

Early fault prediction

The high accuracy cell monitoring units, can detect slight deviations in cell behavior and thus detect upcoming cell faults, well before they grow to real threats and contaminate other cells or the entire battery.

The A-bms Active Battery Management Systems, support the replacement of individual faulty cells in a battery, and do not require the replacement of the entire battery.

Bring your batteries to your desktop or smartphone

, through the IoT and the A-BMS remote monitoring & control platform Do any battery test and measurements from you’re your desk or watch them as they are done automatically

Bring your batteries to your desktop or smartphone

  • The integrated A-BMS remote monitoring & control platform, allows all the battery measurements and tests to be done remotely.
  • Visiting the battery sites is only necessary for physical replacements and interventions.
  • No need to travel to the battery site for periodic inspection and measurements
  • Long lasting test cycles can be planned, scheduled and run from your desktop
  • In depth, real-time and history data for your batteries or for any individual cell, is accessible with a few mouse clicks
  • Remote monitoring and control can easily be extended, over the same connection and the A-BMS platform, to other equipment of your remote site (diesel generators, air conditioners, rectifiers etc.), to environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, smoke, intrusion), door lock controls and more.

OPEX Reduction

Reduce fuel consumption and diesel generator costs in diesel-battery systems Cut trickle charging energy costs, in backup power system

OPEX Reduction

Precise battery-cell state of charge (SOC) control, according to our dynamic battery management concept, allows for the complete elimination of the equalization charging, with a simultaneous increase in battery charging efficiency.

The net result for diesel-battery systems, is a 10% saving in fuel consumption with a proportional reduction in diesel-engine operation time reflecting to proportional savings from maintenance, engine-wear, engine-service life etc.

In backup power systems, the trickle charge energy cost is practically eliminated completely.

Battery Asset Management

support is provided on organization-level

Battery Asset Management

Battery ageing tracking in combination with the end of life prediction feature, are used to organize and support the entire battery-asset management for organizations with many installations with batteries.

Investment payback

With all benefits contributing with definite savings

Investment payback

Battery replacement rate reduced by two or three times

In diesel-battery systems the fuel consumption and all diesel-generator costs are reduced by approximately 10%

In backup power systems, the trickle charging energy is practically eliminated

Track-rolls for on-site battery testing (preventive maintenance) are eliminated

Corrective maintenance issues due to battery early failure are practically eliminated.

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A-BMS will boost your application’s batteries

The only Battery Management System that can accept the challenge to support Diesel battery systems in off-the grid Telecom Antennas and guarantee:

  • Battery life increase to 7 years or more
  • Fuel reduction by 10% or more
  • Diesel daily operation time reduction by at least 10%
  • Complete battery remote monitoring & control
  • Availability of the expected power autonomy in cases of generator outages
  • Elimination of on-site visits for battery preventive maintenance
  • Battery watering frequency reduction to less than half
  • Remote control extensibility to other installation equipment

Mobile telephony antennas supported by Diesel-Battery systems is one of the most difficult battery applications, where batteries have to perform for many years repeated, non-stop cycles (8 or more per day), breathlessly, without any rest, carrying all the time charging or discharging currents of several decades or hundreds of Amperes.

This kind of installations are usually located in rural, hard to reach sites, in extreme environmental conditions, where the transportation of personnel, fuel and maintenance supplies is very difficult and costly.

The Only BMS allowing backup batteries to meet the service life specifications of the manufacturers

Back-Up batteries spend most of their life in inactive floating condition waiting for some power outage, in order to wake-up and take action.
During this long inactivity period, some minimal differences among the battery cells, regarding manufacturing characteristics and temperatures, result to slight stress for some of them. The stress increase regeneratively since it magnifies further the cell differences, until the weakest of them is driven to early degradation. The next weakest will then follow and soon the entire battery will be degraded.
This procedure is usually quiet, and will be only detected during the next power outage, when the battery will fail to behave as expected.
The duration of this course in most cases is, by some … strange coincidence, nearly equal to the warranty period of the batteries, (about 5 years), while their specified service life is usually 12-20 years!
The A-BMS system for backup batteries, controls the floating conditions individually for every cell (or cell block), according to its own detected specific needs. This eliminates the unnecessary stresses and allows the battery life to reach the manufacturers specifications.

Our Battery Management Systems have inherited the long experience of the A-BMS team members on stationary battery applications in professional telecom installations.